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时文选读(16)——China Travel during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

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China Travel during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo What’s the World Expo? Image of night lights in Shanghai captured by Michael Mudd during WildChina journey From May 1 to October 31, 2010, the vibrant city of Shanghai will host a 21st century version of a World’s Fair. The theme of the 2010 Expo is “Better City, Better Life,” exploring future urban environments. It will take place in the center of Shanghai in a massive 5 square kilometer (2 square miles) site, along both sides of the Huangpu River.

More than 200 national and other pavilions will be represented, with 70 million visitors expected, making the Expo a truly global event focused on exchanging ideas in science, technology and culture. Visitors will be treated to dazzling architecture—from the Chinese pavilion’s traditional red, wooden inverted-pyramid design to the Swiss pavilion’s revolving chair lift system and the United Arab Emirates’ sand-dune concept.

Each pavilion will showcase actual cultural treasures on site, such as Denmark’s Little Mermaid statue and Finland’s saunas. Exhibits will be tied into theme of urbanization, including showcasing technology to combat global warming and bicycles for a greener urban lifestyle. Visitors will also get to sample the participating countries’ food, fashion and cultural entertainment, with more than 20,000 events planned for the 6-month period.

Admission tickets are required for all visitors. All together, there are nine types of tickets covering individuals and groups, including Peak Day tickets, when the largest crowds are expected (Peak Days include the Labor Day holiday from May 1-3, National Day holiday from Oct. 1-7 and the last week of the Expo, Oct. 25-31).

Check out WildChina’s iPhone app, Expo Guide Shanghai, for interactive maps and audio guides.
Should I attend?Image of skyscrapers in Shanghai's Pudong area from WildChina journey The New York Times and Lonely Planet both list the World Expo in Shanghai among the top travel destinations for 2010. The city is transforming itself, spending tens of billions of dollars to add parks and sidewalks to the famed waterfront area of the Bund; build new highways and subway lines; repair roads and renovate districts; and expand the Pudong airport.

The 2010 Expo is Shanghai’s answer to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and is therefore making it the hottest tourist destination in China. If you’re interested in such large-scale events, with a festive, carnival-like atmosphere and large crowds, then the Expo is not to be missed.

However, if such a large celebration is not your cup of tea, you may be better off avoiding Shanghai, and instead, exploring China’s many equally inviting, but more off-the-beaten-path destinations. Please browse our Private Journeys or contact us for recommendations!
What can WildChina provide?WildChina offers distinctive touring programs customized to your travel interests and goals, including helping you purchase Expo tickets through our local Shanghai partners when you book a tour with us. We have already begun preparing itineraries tied to the Expo for a French delegation of contemporary art collectors and journalists; several American and European family groups visiting China on vacation; and European corporate groups offering incentive travel.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness Shanghai’s—and China’s—amazing transformation. Contact us today and tell us about your travel plans!

Below is a complete listing of our Expo-related services: Comprehensive Shanghai Tour Shanghai Day Tours Water-Town Day Tours Pre- and Post- Touring of China
1. Comprehensive Shanghai Tour

Oriental Decadence: An Affair with Shanghai’s Past (4 days) Image of Shanghai at night from WildChina journey

Witness China’s colonial past and international future. Shanghai’s tree-lined, former French Concession and iconic banking houses along the Bund offer an opportunity to relive Shanghai’s decadent colonial past as the “Paris of the East.” Meanwhile, travelers looking for a window into China's future need look no further than Shanghai's busy skyline.

2. Shanghai Day Tours

Image of cooking lesson at Shanghai's 3 on the Bund from WildChina journey WildChina delivers deluxe, expert-led day excursions in Shanghai that offer a fresh perspective on the city’s cultural and historical treasures.

Please contact us for more details on pricing and expert availability.

Examples include:

Chinese Cuisine: The Shanghai Flavor
Reflecting immigration from other provinces into Shanghai over the years, Shanghainese cuisine is a mixture of all of the surrounding regions’ dishes. Tantalize the taste buds as you create an Asian fusion masterpiece through a cooking lesson, starting at the local market to select ingredients, under the guidance of our expert chef, and finishing around a grand feast.

Rekindling Memories of Old Shanghai
Step back in time and discover what the city was like in its colonial era. Participate in a private taichi lesson at Fuxing Park; visit the hall where the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party was held; and stroll along the tree-lined streets of the French Concession with our Shanghai architecture expert, visiting some of the area’s historic mansions and buildings.

Shanghai’s Jewish History Jewish history in Shanghai dates back to the 1840s, when the first generation of Shanghainese Jews moved to Shanghai from Iraq, via India. Explore this rich past with our Jewish history expert through visits to former Jewish residence areas and synagogues and the Shanghai Jewish School buildings.

Shanghai’s Contemporary Art Scene
Immerse yourself in Shanghai’s booming contemporary art scene. Accompanied by our contemporary art expert, visit 50 Mogan Shan Road, a trendy district of warehouses-turned-artist studios. Meet with the gallery owners of ShanghART and Eastlink and the curators of the Museum of Contemporary Art – Shanghai (MOCA), before exploring the Shanghai Art Museum.

3. Water-Town Day Tours

Image of Suzhou's Master of the Nets Garden from WildChina journey China’s famed water towns, only 1.5 – 2.5 hours driving distance from Shanghai, provide the perfect one-day getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pricing starts from $250 / person (based on 2 people) and includes a private English-speaking guide, 4-seat sedan car and driver, admission fees, lunch and water and snacks in the car. Please contact us for more details.

Options include:

Suzhou was home to a wealthy aristocracy who were devoted to perfecting private gardens. Visit two such exquisite gardens, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and view an example of more contemporary architecture, the Suzhou Museum, designed by internationally acclaimed architect I.M. Pei.

Beloved by Marco Polo, Hangzhou is known for picturesque West Lake, surrounded by beautiful gardens and pavilions. Enjoy a lakeside lunch; sip a cup of tea in Guo Garden, one of the best traditional private gardens in the area; and visit a renowned traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, Huqingyutang.

A small, charming water town, Wuzhen was once a flourishing trading stop along the 1,056-mile (1,700-kilometers) human-constructed Grand Canal. Stroll along the twisting waterways and innumerable canals, and from a paddle boat, admire the town’s well-preserved, Ming-style. white and grey homes.

Like Wuzhen, Xitang is an ancient water town, known particularly for its preserved architecture. Take a paddle boat down the many canals, passing by Ming-style. homes built upon the banks; visit local exhibitions featuring the town’s traditional architecture; and stroll through Xitang’s back streets.

4. Pre- and Post- Touring of China

Image of ribbon dancing at Beijing's Temple of Heaven from WildChina journey For guests interested in a more in-depth exploration of China, WildChina offers several options for pre- and post-Expo travel. Our top recommendations for Private Journeys include:

Beijing: A Glimpse into the Past and Future of the Middle Kingdom (5 days)
A trip to China isn’t complete without a visit to its capital, Beijing. Explore the world-famous sites of this former imperial capital, from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall, while also immersing in Beijing’s local life in its quickly disappearing traditional hutong neighborhoods.

Xi’an: The Weight of Ten Dynasties (3 days)
It’s all about bringing history to life. Xi’an served as China’s first capital, home to numerous subsequent dynasties and the terminus of the Silk Road. With its famous, life-sized Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an is a must for anyone interested in Chinese history.

Yunnan: South of Clouds (8 days)
Explore the natural and ethnic diversity of southwest China’s Yunnan province. A must for all travelers, this journey takes you to Yunnan’s classic sights, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lijiang and the mythical Tibetan town of “Shangri-La.”

Stepping into the Scroll: The Landscapes of Guangxi (8 days)
Hike and bike through southwest China’s dreamlike landscapes, as immortalized in Chinese scroll paintings. This trip offers the chance to actively explore several ethnic minority villages and the dramatic rice terraces in the countryside.

China’s Living Heritage: Exploring the Ancient Villages of Yellow Mountain (5 days)
Step back in time. The ancient villages of east China were once home to some of the Ming Dynasty’s most successful merchants. Marvel at their well-preserved former residences, interact with village communities and hike to the summit of magnificent Yellow Mountain (Huangshan).

In Search of the Hakka Way: From Xiamen to Earthen Tulou (5 days)
Explore a part of China little known to travelers but rich in culture and history. Southeast China’s Fujian province is home to the port city of Xiamen and popular island of Gulangyu. Discover charming, colonial-era architecture and interact with the local Hakka people in their traditional, earthen dwellings (tulou).

Please contact us and tell us about your travel plans.

At WildChina, we strive to help you discover the real heart of China, on journeys that are distinctive, personal and luxurious. We look forward to helping you Experience China Differently!

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